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     Orientation & Devotional in Pavilion -                   Sunday 7PM.

             Everyone please attend.

     * Outdoor Movie Theatre 

             Tuesday & Thursday 8:45 PM


    * Finder's Keepers Gem Mining for Kids

            Thursday 3 PM


      * Bubba Bear Ride for Everyone

            Thursday 4PM

     * Canaan Land Wilderness Railroad

            for Kids

           Thursday 5 PM.


        Hot Dog Roast and Pot Luck Fellowship and Bonfire  Thursday 7 PM at the Pavilion.


        Craft Shop in Chapel

             Friday 11 AM - 12 Noon

     Paddleboating and kayaking on main pond.  No swimming please.  (Everyone must wear a life jacket, found in gazebo)


   "Kiddie fishing"   Fishing is now in the Main Pond. Cane poles provided

Catch and release.


* weather permitting - Mid May through Mid August

     Badminton/Volleyball located in the Lodge field near Galatia

   Chapel Activities

       Ping Pong


       Selected videos with parents approval

       Books for all ages 


       Games and puzzles


    Hiking in Panthertown Valley National Forest

       Schoolhouse Falls - 1 mile

       High Bethel - 1.5 miles to beautiful view

       Greenland Creek Falls - 1.5 miles to beautiful



     Two Children's Playgrounds by Pavilion

     Noah's Ark Playhouse on hill just beyond 


     Tree House behind Antioch 

     Soccer - In the field below Lodge 



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