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      Many of us, in our Christian walk, have been blessed by a helpful Pastor, or possible a Pastor’s wife when our need was great.  Is there a way that one could return that blessing, even if that Pastor is in heaven?  Possibly,… by supporting a retreat where other pastors and their families can truly get away from the world and the troubles they deal with everyday.


       Many folks don’t realize how many hours a week their pastor spends counseling, comforting ,preparing messages, and general overseeing of all that takes place in the church.  And many times they miss out on their own family’s lives.   We at Canaan Land Christian Retreat have witnessed the joy of pastors kid’s, when they get their dad all to themselves for a whole week.  Something our own children might take for granted.


     Canaan Land has operated for 35 years, providing a place where pastors and their families can get away and enjoy each other in God’s beautiful mountains….Hiking to their hearts content…..(or physical endurance), paddle boating….or just floating in the peaceful pond in a kayak.   The needful thing for some might be just spending time in their cabin growing closer and renewing their families vision for serving the Lord.  


    If the Lord lays a Pastor on your heart that needs this kind of rest and renewal, please send him our way. And if you have the desire to support a ministry  that any qualifying pastor can bring his family, then please donate any amount to Canaan Land Christian Retreat, which is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization.    


  You may use Pay Pal or send your support to Canaan Land Foundation, Inc.

                                                      P. O. Box 135

                                                      Lake Toxaway, N. C. 28747


Thank you and God bless you as you follow God’s leading 

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