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We had the absolute greatest week in our family’s history this week! Canaan Land is very beautiful and we thank God for it. We had a physically, emotionally, and spiritually refreshing week. Out kids loved everything (hiking, paddle boating, the dogs, playing in the chapel, etc.) We look forward to coming back in the years to come. God Bless.

            Ryan Garber, Youth Pastor, Beaufort, South Carolina


    What a quiet haven you have provided in an atmosphere of such peace. We are so grateful that you have allowed our family to come. Our boys enjoyed hiking, the fellowship with the other families was so sweet, the lack of schedule provided rest and motivation to return and jump back into our ministries. The camp fire was a fun memory time for the kids, we could go on and on. It is plain to see that a lot of love has gone into this place.

            Pastor Dave & Sue Sutter, Dover, Pennsylvania


    We go home refreshed, relaxed, and eager to get back to our dear church people.

            Pastor Nile and Sharon Stine, Inverness, Florida


    I have had time to re-focus and God has had time to speak to me as I have slowed down long enough to listen.

            Pastor David Durham, Sr. Lake Wales, Florida


    We enjoyed the quiet, restful surroundings...the chance to relax with our family and with friends. A special blessing was the good Christian books everywhere we went. Wish we could have had time to read them.

            Pastor Paul and Barbara Stalcup, Osceola, Iowa


   What a blessing to have a place like this available to rest, relax, and recharge. We could not have had a vacation like this without the ministry of Canaan Land.

            Pastor Bob Ossewaarde, Elberton, Georgia


   Our family is rejuvenated and ready to return and fight the good fight, finish the course, and keep the faith.

            Pastor Tommy and Elise Carlisle, Waynesville, North Carolina


    We truly thank the Lord for this special place to get away with our family. Many special memories have been stored away in our hearts as we shard together God’s great creation

            Pastor Todd Falk and family, Wilton, New York


    The kids had a grand time with their grandparents, and we all enjoyed the walks, hikes, photo-ops, board games, story-telling, and lots of laughter. God has certainly blessed us by allowing us to be here.

            Pastor Guy and Susan Simpson, Harrington Delaware


    We have spent a fantastic 5 days in Canaan Land with our whole family. A dream of a lifetime to all be together from Senegal, Surinam, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida. It may never happen again, but thanks to you and the Lord it did happen.

            Dave and Carol Rutt, Missionary


    I can understand how Canaan Land can be a resting and restoring place for the body and soul of those who may be ready or on the brink of giving up.

            Verlene Perkins, Faith Baptist Church, St. Matthews, SC


    We were able to rest and enjoy out family time. The cottages are so comfy. We serve a great God.

            Pete and Sharon Wing, Church Planters


    We really enjoyed being so close to heaven.

            Kent and Toy Coxey, Heritage Baptist Church, Englewood, Florida


    Thank you so much for allowing us to come. This is truly our very favorite place to come. It’s so beautiful and refreshing.

            The Ray Workman family, Church Planters


    We thank God for being able to experience a part of heaven on earth.

            Pastor Jim and Judy Kilpatrick, Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida


Thanks for making it possible for families our size to actually take a vacation. What a blessing.

            Pastor John and Susan Monroe, Riverview, Florida


    Canaan Land has been wonderful again this year as every year. This has been out 15th year. Its been such a blessing to come apart into the wilderness to rest and regroup. A famous Christian once said that when one feels a lack of connection with God that time should be made to find Him. The best way is to go into His woods, find a clearing where His creatures are active...birds, and small animals and be still...We have so many, many times heard the Word of the Lord here. The impact on our family is priceless and eternal.

            Pastor Joel McGraw and family, Crestview, Florida


    Canaan Land...a place of healing and rest for the soul and body. For our family it has been so fun. If you listen closely I’m sure you can hear echoes of laughter and see the tears. I wish I could put in a box and take home with me the smells and sounds surrounding me, interesting bird calls and the smell and beauty of flowers and trees. But best of all, it’s spending time together and with Jesus. Thanks for making it possible.

            The Brian Jekel Family, Pensacola Christian College, Art Professor


    This is a beautiful, restful place, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We hate to leave, but Lord-willing, we’ll be back.

            Larry and Marion Hedquist, Pensacola Christian College


    For the past 5 years we’ve enjoyed Canaan Land. Each year we add more memories and now we’ve stayed at least once in every cabin.

            Pastor Dwight and Chris Wagner and family, Erie, Pennsylvania


    This week has given out family an opportunity to come apart from our busy lives and worldly pressures and take a step into a “Thomas Kincaid” picture. It is easy to sense God’s presence here not only in the beautiful surrounds, but also in all the little touches within each cabin. It is wonderful to have a place to retreat to, a place where we can regroup as a family.

            Joe and Margaret Jay, Pensacola Christian College


    This is our fifth time here in “paradise”. Once again it went much too fast. It was so good for everyone to get away from the “hustle and bustle” of life down below. There isn’t another place where you feel safe to let your children romp and play. Everyone greets you with a smile and a good word.

            Bill and Anne Stuckey, Heritage Christian School, Englewood, Florida



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